Strategy for Evolving Organization of References and Forms


It would be presumptive to think any organization of references or forms would be static. In other words, information changes, I change, my needs change, so my organization must change.
We could use lists to help with the organization, but that's not much fun.
Personally, I enjoy using concept maps! I've uploaded a concept map (in XMind format). If you don't have or want to use XMind, I've created a document in Word 2003 format. Click here to download.
If you know how to run a shell script, I've created a script that will create folders on a Microsoft Windows computer. Click here to download. Feel free to download a copy and change to suit your needs. And send me a copy, please!
I really like XMind! I can map a presentation in nearly real time; as quickly as the speaker can present the material, I can capture it! I really like the flexibility in organizing the display; mind map (single, central concept), tree structure, Ishakawa ("fish-bone"), spreadsheet, etc. And I really liked the export options.
But that was until recently; the developing community presented three billing models with the free version being "cripple ware".
And I'm not comfortable with the development community being based in China.
So... I'm migrating to FreePlane, a derivative of FreeMind.