Goal #3: Popcorn Sales Marketing Plan


Description:Develop and implement a marketing plan to engage Troops and Crews/Ships in using NCAC popcorn sales as fundraiser. Legacy will be a plan that results in at least 3 new units participating in the program in Sep-Dec 2010 and continue to grow beyond. The Team That Will Benefit From My Leadership: Crews, Ships, and Council SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely): Marketing plan that engages Troops, Crews, and Ships in using popcorn sales as a fundraiser. Plan will result in an increase of at least 2 (two) Venture units using popcorn sales. Who: Youth, unit adults, community, Council will be approached for input. Pat Golden will liaison with Trails End. What: Project will focus on enabling Venture and Boy Scout units to have a single annual fundraiser that benefits the unit, the community, and Council Where: NCAC and community. When: Sept – Dec 2010 (upcoming popcorn sales season). How: With the assistance of Mr. Pat Golden, NCAC popcorn sales coordinator, I will use Training EDGE™ principles to teach the annual fundraising process to Crew 1501. I will initiate discussions on Trails End sales program with other Venture leaders. From their reactions, my Crew and I will research and develop a plan for Troops, Crews, and Ships. Why: The Trails End popcorn sales program offers 70% profits that are divided between Council and Unit members. Yet the sales are reaching 20% of the potential market. The program is rarely used by Crews and Ships in NCAC. It is believed Crews and Ships would use the program if the program and benefits were explained in terms focused to the Venture program. How Verified: A marketing plan is developed that can be presented at Scout and Venture roundtables. At least 2 (two) Venture units will sign up for the popcorn sales program in the 2010-2011 season.