Mobile Tower ("The Scouterhorn")


On 2014-10-20, NCAC accepted delivery of a 24' Drop-A-Rock mobile climbing tower by Spectrum Sports and a Dodge Ram pickup truck to tow it, courtesy of a donation from Boyd Matson <>. Then the fun began.

  • What are applicable standards, practices, policies, housing codes (BSA, local)?
  • What are the operating costs?
  • What constitutes "training" and "trainer"?
  • How does the mobile tower apply to the NCAC vision?
  • How can the mobile tower support the Challenge Course (COPE) program or the Climbing program?
  • What do we do if something breaks?
    • We had hydraulic issues in July 2016. Click here for pictures and discussion.

Interesting journey.
If you want to help, please send a message to and begin the Subject line with: [Mobile Tower]. That will distinguish it from discussions about the climbing towers at Goshen SR, Camp Wall, and the projected tower at Camp Snyder.

If you're interested, check out the on-line operations training we've developed.

Did I say "tower at Camp Snyder"? Bad me.

I meant to say "climbing complex at Camp Snyder"!