Goal #2: Information Organization System for Crews and Ships


Description:Develop organizational system for Crews and Ships to use in managing Venture-related information and implement as part of unit organization The Team That Will Benefit From My Leadership: Advisors and Youth Leaders of Crews and Ships SMART Goal: Objective is a file organization system focused on the needs of Crews and Ships. The system will have a diagrammatic layout of the types of information that must be (or should be) managed by Crews and Ships (e.g., activity venues, contact rosters, privacy information). This system will be designed to apply to organizing hard copy material and electronic copies. It will initially reside on the Crew 1501 website (www.crew1501.org) website as a downloadable file. I will work with the webmaster for Old Dominion District to get it migrated to the ODD website. Who: Crew leaders (adults and youth) from ODD, NCAC, and Area 6 will be asked for input. What: System will be based on “best of breed” information organization but focused on the elements unique to the Venturing program. Where: System will be designed to be published on the ODD and NCAC websites. When: Will begin collecting information upon approval. Targeting analysis to be complete and prototype available by Jan 2011. How: Will ask Crew leaders (youth and adult) in District and Council, “What’s worked for you?”. Will analyze responses, adapt generic information organization methods (e.g., Getting Things Done) as appropriate, and request ODD Venture units assist in validating system. Why: From discussions at Old Dominion District Roundtables, Venture leaders (youth and adult) are being overwhelmed with information. Training opportunities are missed, time is wasted searching for forms (templates and completed), information is misplaced. As a result, Crews and Ships are burning out trying to provide effective programs and keep up with their other commitments (e.g., school, work, community). How Verified: System will be introduced and explained at Venture Roundtables. Users will be asked to provide feedback via e-mail to myself and the Wood Badge Troop Guide. Success of the system will be achieved when at least one Crew or Ship confirms the system has improved their efficiency in organizing information.