2013 Spring Camporee-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


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  2. Venue
  3. Program
  4. Staff/Committee
  5. Results


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  • Issue being addressed: Scout leaders have an obligation to facilitate youth becoming adults who are capable of critical thinking and making ethical decisions based on values. Leaders also have an obligation to help youth discover their passions that leverage their individual talents (e.g., creativity, accuracy, tenacity, gregariousness).
  • The merit badge program can help with the discovery, especially when badges are part of a larger context; a "big picture". The STEM program is an example of a larger context. STEM provides an opportunity to show how the topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are complimentary and synergistic.
  • The Gunston Hall venue provides a unique opportunity to show how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have been important in the growth of our country. At least, the vast, open, flat fields will be ideal for camping and program. The location also provides an opportunity to work on the least awarded badge, the Archeology Merit Badge.
Area Objective(s)
  • Introduce program objectives and requirements
  • Provide hands-on examples and resources
Merit badges
  • Provide merit badge support that is difficult to for units to accomplish (e.g., archeologists and dig site for archeology merit badge
  • Which badges? Will depend on which counselors will sign up. It seems ANY badge could apply, some more directly than others.
    • Examples (obvious):Architecture, Aviation, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental Science, Nuclear Science, Radio, Robotics, Space Exploration, Veterinary Medicine, Weather
    • Examples (not obvious): American Business, Archeology, Archery, Canoeing, Surveying

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Role Member
Health And Safety Chair Bill Stewart
Administration Chair Bob Henke
Quartermaster Norm Johnston
Commissioner Corps Representative Joe Pallone (or designate)
Service Project Chair Ken Barrett, Troop 996
Program Chair Jim Helwege, Troop 888
New Scout Program Bob Morgan, Troop 135
OA Representative Sharon Fjalka
Campfire Program Troop 996
Cub Scout Program Representative Linda Hill (or designate)
Venue Representative Mark Whatford (Director, Gunston Hall)
Director Tony Waisanen

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