2013 Fall Camporee-Hornaday Award


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Gunston Hall Campsite layout: Colonial District Fall 2013 Camping Site Layout
Click on image for full-sized map. Parking plan: Colonial District Fall 2013 Camping Site Layout
Click on image for full-sized map. Notice the flow is reversed of normal operations. This is to allow parking and drop-offs to follow the same route, SAFELY!. Please be sure each vehicle has a Parking Permit and it is clearly displayed on the driver's side of the dashboard. [This form is minimal. A more accurate, comprehensive form will be posted when developed/found.] See Program for discussion about project areas. --Return to top--


  • Camporee Theme: The premier BSA award for conservation, the Hornaday Award, named in honor of Dr. William Hornaday, founder of the National Zoological Gardens, is virtually unheard of in the NCAC. This camporee is designed to do several things: 1) raise awareness in the NCAC community about the Hornaday award and how it can be earned, 2) provide Scouts with experience on the types of projects that should be undertaken to support the Hornaday award, and 3) establish contacts within different land management agencies that can provide Scouts with future Eagle or Hornaday projects. [Note: The camporee will discuss how a single project could count for and individual Hornaday award, a unit Hornaday award AND and Eagle project.]
  • Location: The Gunston Hall venue provides a unique opportunity to gather multiple agencies, especially those with holdings on the Mason Neck peninsula. Objectives of this camporee is to have units understand the program, and for unit leaders (adult and youth) to meet members of the federal, state, and local agencies supporting conservation.
  • Projects: Specific projects will be assigned to each unit based on the capacity of the project (number of people appropriate for the amount of work to do) and the size of the unit. Members of the camporee have walked the areas, talked to the managers of the spaces, and taken pictures of the sites. Please click here to view the projects photos and comments .


Click here to view.
Got a call from the Gunston Hall Director. The man is NOT pleased. The camporee work is NOT over. Due to one or more troops not embracing LNT, there's an eye-sore to fix at the pond. Bummer. But my fault for not ensuring everyone knew the vision. Click here to view. More to do tomorrow (Sunday).
More done on Sunday, but not ALL done. Click here to view.
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