2012 Spring Camporee-COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience)


Date: 20-22 Apr 2012
Leads: Troop 131 (Will Rodger), Troop 1107 (Harold Richardson), Crew 80 (Bill Stewart), Crew 1150 (Tony Moller)
Theme: C.O.P.E. and Climbing. Troop 131 volunteered to lead the Camporee effort. The Troop enjoys climbing and is interested in C.O.P.E. Troop 1107 has volunteered to organize "Studio 101" (New Scout program patterned loosely after the Brownsea program); Crew 80 is teaching the First Aid elements of this program. Crew 1150 will have a black powder rifle range and a pistol range (for Venturers only). Scouters from Troop 1150 and Troop 680 are hosting activities that lead to the accomplishment of archery, pioneering, and wood carving merit badges (due to lack of adult support, not able to offer bird study, orienteering, or nature).
Guiding principles:
1. Affordable. Camporee fees should be under $20 per attendee (prefer under $15). Some units are on a very tight budget. [This camporee has a $13 charge. Premium of $20 for Camp Hollywood, directly to Camp Highroad. Additional $5 fee payable at the shooting range.]
2. Capacity. Historically, attendance at spring camporees is around 300 (Crews, Scouts).
3. Program. Activities must challenge and reward youth of varying ages. [Have program for new scouts, experienced scouts, and senior youth.]
4. Relatively close. Camping and program must be within approximately 50 mi radius of Alexandria; under 1.5 hr drive on Friday night. [Camp Highroad is approximately 52 mi / 1.5 hrs from Aldersgate Methodist Church, Alexandria, VA.]
1. C.O.P.E. courses exist at Camp Highroads, Camp Snyder, Goshen Reservation, etc. BSA rules require a C.O.P.E. director and instructors staff a C.O.P.E. course.
2. Camp Highroads has a C.O.P.E. course (low elements, high elements, and zip line), climbing wall, wooded campsites, and rock outcroppings for climbing.
3. Camp Snyder has a C.O.P.E. course (low elements, high elements, and short zip line), but limited wooded camping, and no climbing resources. More importantly, many influential Colonial District leaders had a bad experience the last time they help a camporee at Camp Snyder. Marketing a Camp Snyder program would take sustained effort. Most importantly, CWBS cannot be used until it has passed inspection.
4. Goshen is too far. Few out-of-council BSA camps are closer.
1. Tell units about loss of merit badge support
2. Get Tyvek wristbands for control of access to Camp Hollywood (Elizabeth Hoitt, CWBS business manager, recommends on-line or the tickets material area in office supply stores).
3. Get maps printed. [Paul McDonald, Troop 993 helping.]
4. Arrange Venturing Saturday gathering. [Crews 1150, 80, and 996 are interested.]
5. Scheduling

  • Anyone interested in black powder must attend a 30 minute safety briefing which is held at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm (similar for archery)
  • All program areas run from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, 1:00-4:00 pm
  • No driving permitted through program areas

6. Campfire (need wood, need PA system, need program, need unit willing to MC campfire. Venturers?)
Status: Camporee is a "go" for 20-22 April.