2014 Spring Camporee-Scoutish Games


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Gunston Hall on 11-13 April 2014 Campsite layout: TBD. I'm getting beaten up for "cramming Troops together". I might just have a "stake out an area, plant your flag, and settle in" approach. There's enough space for it. Parking plan: Colonial District Fall 2014 Camping Site Layout
Click on image for full-sized map. Terry G.'s parking plan is so good, we're using it again. Notice the flow is reversed of normal operations. This is to allow parking and drop-offs to follow the same route, SAFELY!. Please be sure each vehicle has a Parking Permit and it is clearly displayed on the driver's side of the dashboard. [This form is minimal. A more accurate, comprehensive form will be posted when developed/found.] See Program for discussion about project areas. --Return to top--


  • Camporee Theme: Scottish/Celtic games [Need troop to step up]
  • Location: Gunston Hall! For the third time in 2 years, the deputy director, Mark Whatford, is allowing Colonial District to user their grounds and resources. We CANNOT do better than this space! [However, if anyone thinks we can do better, please contact me ASAP!]
  • Projects: [Need a troop to step up!].
  • New Scout Skills Training: [Need a troop to step up!].
  • Adult program: Starting THIS camporee, we're going to offer something for the ADULTS; Hammocks! When I passed the 4 decade mark, I noticed the ground getting harder and my back getting stiffer. I've noticed other Scouters have noticed the same thing. But I've found that hammocks address both; I'm off the ground, snuggled in a support system. When I awake, I sit up, drop my feet to the ground, and stand up. I have gravity helping me most of the way. I like that. And my back likes it. Also, vendors want to help me more when I'm representing 50 to 100 Scouters eager to learn (and maybe buy).
    • Got an e-mail from Derek Hansen (of Ultimate Hang). He was a Scouter in Colonial District! He'll provide the URL to a Prezi presentation he created on hammocks. He also suggests we consider a 3-person hammock stand; should be interesting to build from bamboo. Good practice in knots/lashing/structural engineering.
    • Derek has a very extensive list on hammock manufacturers. Use Firefox, Chrome, Safari to view. Internet Explorer 6 does not support the embedded table.


  • Didn't happen. I got fired by the newly elected District Commissioner for not taking orders. Whew! Dodged that bullet.

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