Flying Circus Campout


Identifier: 20050916-Flying Circus
Purpose of outing: Campout
Advancements: Aviation MB, Space Exploration MB
Mode of travel: Car
Planning horizon: Annual (September only)
Fees: Grubmaster costs and Airplane Rides only ($30 and $60)
Distance: 40 mi, 70 min
Location: Bealeton, Virginia
Contact: Troop 1501
Dates: 2005-09-16 - 2005-09-18
Description: The Flying Circus has dedicated the September 18 Air show to the recognition of Scouting in America. The Flying Circus salutes the commitment scouts make to their fellow scouts, their community and their nation; and to the example they set to their friends and neighbors by their conduct and volunteerism. Through the efforts of Joe Callin, the Flying Circus hosted a mini camporees with Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and Packs from Virginia and Maryland. Aviation, First Aid, Astronomy, Space Exploration, and Traffic Safety Merit Badges were offered and a 1-mile orientation course was available. Flights aboard various aircraft were available for purchase. The Troop picked up the registration and air show costs; boys and adults had to pay for their own airplane rides. During the day, 16 Scouts took the Aviation MB classes, 2 took Space Exploration, 1 was a Webelos who enjoyed watching the aircraft, and 1 assisted with mapping out the orienteering course. The Scouts cooked as patrols, but the adults provided a Troop lunch on Saturday to allow the boys to enjoy the time off from merit badge classes. Noting that no Campfire program was planned for Saturday evening, Troop 1501 volunteered to plan and host a multi-troop campfire. We saw the return of Frank & Furter from Sweden as they improvised their way through skits and songs including the beloved Chipmunk song. Sunday afforded the guys a lot of free time. Some took time to work on advancements, some played cards, some took plane rides, and some just played. The air show started at 2:30 pm and concluded at about 4:00. Immediately following the air show, we headed home.
Assessment: 1. Cool event wonderfully coordinated by the Flying Circus which is a great support of Scouting. 2. Camping in the Field was ok, but like other camporees takes away from the “outdoor” feeling. There are campsites amid the woods across from the Airfield at which the troop has camped before. They do permit ground fires and is conducive to a great troop camping experience. 3. Would strongly suggest that we encourage this campout again, but maybe on a rotating schedule of sorts: 1 year we can participate in the camporees, the next year we camp on a different weekend just as a troop in the wooded campsites, and the following year we do not include it on the schedule. Just a thought to keep the event special. 4. Sixteen adults went and provided contributions throughout the event. They were interactive and provided oversight without too much direction. The older Scouts provided very good leadership. Scouts were responsive and followed the schedule. 5. Having the self supporting dining flies is nice, but we need to rethink the brand as putting them up is tedious. They are practical for field camping and will be needed again at the Fall Camporee, but we only have four and had five patrols at the campout. Need to buy another before the Fall Camporee.