Crew 1150


Program possibilities:

  • Host BB guns and pellet guns. Need portable ranges (such as Creedmoor Sports Portable ranges. [If we contact Dennis DeMille, tell him Sheri Judd sent us.]
  • Host shotgun shoot.
    • At the range at Clark Brothers Gun Shop, price (as of 20130106) for case of clays (135) and box of 25 shells of 12 gauge was $14.95 and $8.95, respectively (tax not included) [$15.70 and $9.40, tax included]. Comes to roughly $.50/shot. Figuring a shooter would go through a box of shells in a day (5 rounds of 5), the cost is $12.54 (one fifth a case of clays and one box of shells).
  • Assist with cleaning up and managing the "Scout Hut" at Cameron United Methodist Church. Check out the pictures taken on 9 Feb 2013 about what needs work. [Oops! forgot to migrate to new site...]