Halfmoon Mountain 10 Mile Hike


Identifier: 20080621-10 Mile Hike Halfmoon Mtn
Purpose of outing: Hike
Advancements: Hiking Merit Badge
Mode of travel: Car
Planning horizon: Weeks
Capacity: One patrol
Fees: Donation
Distance: 93 mi, 2 hrs
Location: Wardensville, WV
Contact: Troop 1501
Dates: 2008-06-21
Description: As part of Troop Planning to have a variety of hiking experiences, one adult sketched out a day trip to Halfmoon Mountain in West Virginia. Halfmoon and many other venues in Virginia and West Virginia have excellent planning information available at: www.hikingupward.com.
Assessment: Three Scouts participated, and 3 adults. We found ingress to the site challenging, but we found a lower access point on Trout Run road in Wardensville, WV. It turns out that based on the elevation profile this was ideal and provided a steady physical crescendo to the summit followed by an all downhill return. The weather was cooperative with high at around 85 and quite shaded most of the way with a slight breeze.