Fall 2011 Camporee To Do/Done


To Do:

Don Kilgore / Council

  • Arrange for a water truck and station at end of parking lot (near registration). This consolidates logistics.
  • Arrange for Porta Johns. And request the staff bathhouse (by Carol’s Cottage) be available for staff.
  • Arrange for dumpster.
  • Confirm status of staffing for COPE elements and readiness of COPE course (is there solution for poison ivy and tick issues)
  • Tell Camporee planners exactly what Council can/will provide in supporting COPE program. Troops need to know what they will be allowed to do and need to do in running COPE activities. For example, will they be allowed to facilitate a scenario on low elements? Will they be able to belay climbers on high elements?
  • Arrange for Troops to get a hands-on introductory session on COPE elements
  • Provide estimates/buest guess, by COPE activity, of number of Scouts that can be managed per hour. For example, perhaps a patrol of 6-8 could do Whale Watch, Giant’s Finger, or Up-And-Over in 20 minutes, 30 minutes to do Mohawk Walk, but need an hour for all to do Centipede, Giant’s Ladder, Pamper Pole, or Mohawk Walk.
  • Confirm CWBS charges for archery range, bows, arrows, tomahawks, and other non-COPE elements is per item, not per use. In other words, only COPE and camping fees are per person. [Done.]
  • Have Council calculate “tax” based on net revenue, not on total (i.e., calculate Council tax after taking out costs for facilities use). [Done, per note from Dan Anderson, 24 Aug]
  • Have Council approve using a stratified charge for C.O.P.E. course (Scouts are charged one rate for each use of a high element, a lower rate for each use of a low element) [Done, per note from Dan Anderson, 24 Aug]

Camp Snyder (Does Camp Snyder approve)

  • Using the activity field south of the parking lot for camping. That gives distance from Hgwy 66 and allows registration (in "white building") to be directly between parking and the camp area, with proximity to all program areas.
  • Have Webelos camp just south west of "Gilwell Field", the open field southwest of the dining hall. This provides separation from the Scout camp area, and proximity to the Webelos activity area (in/around Cub World).
  • Campfire by the aquatics area in the southwest corner of the Camp. In keeping with the Camp Hollywood theme, have the program follow a "Drive In Movie" venue; units sit in groups, skits are patrol/unit "tryouts" for movie roles, MC is "director/producer", etc.
  • Layout of activities (e.g., pavillion, parking lot, camping areas, Webelos program area). Will need input from Webelos program planners.

OA Rep

  • Need help with parking/traffic (Friday night, Sunday morning).Need OA support.
  • Need OA support for campfire (confirmation they will handle all details).
  • Need to know if cracker-barrel Friday night can be supported...and if OA wants to host an OA Fellowship Friday night.Need OA support.


  • Ensure commissioners are able to help with parking control (need to keep youth away from angry adults when they can't bring trailers on-site).Doug! HELP!!

Tony W.

  • Tony W. to finalize a budget with Dom.
  • Need to start a resources/equipment list like: projector, screen, sound system, etc. Tony W. will start a page. Thanks, Tony M. (aka Bear With Gun) for suggestion.

Troop 131

  • Consider designing a large "HOLLYWOOD" sign, similar to the one on the hill overlooking the actual Hollywood. A pair of poles supporting mesh fencing, using styrofoam cups or similar waterproof, white, bulky material to spell out the letters would work. The sign would support the theme as well as provide a visual queue as far away as Hgwy 66.Need Camp Snyder concurrence and approval.
  • Define patch design ASAP. Perhaps something based on a Hollywood director's clapboard.

Troop 993

  • Finalize challenge (rules, scoring, award).
  • Ensure proper staffing will be available.

Crew 1150

  • Support a shooting range (arrange for pellet guns, targets, etc.)

Other Help/Issues

  • Need volunteer to shadow Judi during registration. Suggestions anyone?
  • Program package is due ASAP. Registration will open immediately upon publication of the package.
  • Have units reserve time slots for C.O.P.E. elements (I mean "Filming Studios"). First come/first served.
  • Need to define trailer parking logistics. Where is best place of the parking lot to rope off' a section?
  • Coins, tokens, markers... does anyone have about a thousand items we could use for "coins" to track how the patrols do in the activities and competition? Alternative is to assign a passbook per patrol.
  • Need volunteer to handle canned food donations. Will need means of collecting, transport, delivery. [Recommend only cans, in case of rain.]


Cost of cabin is too high. Will not request using a cabin instead of tenting.

  • Will not have concurrent geocache activity. Would conflict with Wood Badge class.
  • Joe and Linda declined offer for BB gun support to Webelos program. Rationale was that Webelos get to use BB guns at day camp.
  • Crew 80

    • Host Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) on mound near the southeast corner of the parking lot. Co-locate with the main First Aid station. For weekend, Crew 80 is the M.A.S.H. 4077th. Location enables Crew 80 an easier "lift" for providing electricity to the adult staff (for evening needs); Crew 80 Power & Light will be in business. [Agreed]
    • Provide health and safety support during Camporee.