Scout Program


Camp Hollywood will be like tours of Universal Studios and MGM Studios, but different in that they are self-guided (patrols manage their schedule) and based on the methods and aims of Scouting and Venturing.

ID Event High/Low Staffing Theme Camp Hollywood Instructor as:
1 Pamper Pole H 1 Batman Alfred (or Robin)
2 Flying Squirrel H 1 Spiderman Green Goblin
3 Zip Line H 2 Thor Odin
4 Wild Woozey L 1 Emperor's New Groove Kronk
5 Giant's Finger L 1 Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Ring Frodo
6 Spider's Web L 1 Harry Potter (Aragog) Rubeus Hagrid
7 Swinging Log L 1 Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones
8 Stationary Log L 1 Silent Movie (Charlie Chaplin) Charlie Chaplin
9 Whale Watch L 1 Master and Commander Capt. Jack Aubrey
10 Eagle's Walk L 1 Prince of Persia Dastan
11 Up and Over L 1 Lord of the Rings; Helm's Deep Gandalf
12 Centipede / Giant's Ladder H 2 James Bond; For Your Eyes Only Q
13 Mohawk Walk (wire walk) H 1 James Bond; A View To A Kill M
14 4 Poles (Rope Hackle Walkway) L 1 Tarzan Tarzan (or Cheetah, or Jane)

Troop 131 will be working up the specific descriptions (the scenarios for patrols to enact), the award plan (how points are awarded), and guidelines. Troop 993 (Challenge) is working up details on a Robin Hood theme ("Little John and Robin On Bridge Over Ravine With Pool Noodles"), tomahawk throw, etc.