Team building and Leadership Games


"There are TONS of videos of COPE-type games on-line!", I said. And... I'm still looking.
I promise to keep looking. There are great non-video sources like Wilderdom (, but where are the videos we need?

We need to create them!

Here are some I've found by entering "Team building and leadership games" into the search box of YouTube. Which do you think could work for you? Which are examples of a game you would avoid? Which could work if modified? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please try your own search. Let me know what you find.

  • Videos from the international training course Passion in Action, implemented by Dreams for Life in Romania, on 10-17 October 2014, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Dreams For Life:
    • 6# Numbers and actions Energizer and team spirit game, to create positive energy in the group: Warm up game. Divide the group evenly. Form two rows of partners facing each other. 1: "high 5" partner using both hands; 2. squat; 3. jump; 4. turn completely around.
    • 8# Fish and Fishermen   Teambuilding activity as competition for learnin...; Divide group in half, Fishermen and Fish. Fishermen decide on a number between 1 and 10, form a Flying Chicken circle, take two steps in and clasp hands, forming the "net". Fishermen hold hands high enough to allow Fish to enter the net. When the game begins, Fish can be out of the net for only 2 seconds at a time while the Fishermen, as a group, count at a slow steady pace. The Fishermen close the net (drop hands) when the secret count is reached. Fish in the net step to the side. Fish outside the net continue playing. The Fisherman decide on a number for each round. When all Fish are caught, the count of net closings is recorded, and the teams swap roles. The "winner" is the team that was the most efficient (fewest closings). Presume processing the event dealt with observing, considering alternatives, then adapting the plan.
    • 9# Simple knot. Teambuilding activity for solving problems: Start with Flying Chicken circle of 23 people, holding hands. Form Chicken Nugget circle, release hands, cross arms, and hold hands again (right hand grasping person to the left; left hand grasping person to the right). Objective: without letting go of hands, reform the original Chicken Wing circle.
  • Team Building Exercise: Team Pen: Each participant has a strip of duct tape attached to a single pen. Alternating participants are blindfolded and seated around a table. The pen is poised over a sheet of paper. The objective is to work as a team, only touching their strip of duct tape, and write the word "Unity" and a smiley face on the paper. The facilitator is very chatty. Good opportunity to employ the "Laryngeal Mosquito" to silence the overly talkative person. Notice the suggestion that the sighted members form a verbal image for the blindfolded members. Notice the blindfolded participant on the left who is clearly not engaged. An alternative solution is demonstrated at
  • Community and Leadership Development Center at Indiana University (CLDCatIU): ( Videos were uploaded 6 years ago. History?
  • Mark Collard:
    • 1. Forming pairs: Instead of "Pick a Partner". Sounds good, but how well does it work? Last suggestion (number of fingers) has potential. Nothing like traditional choices (white or whole wheat, peanut butter or jelly). Suggestion to go to Nothing new there.
    • 2. Forming random teams:; Two groups: prefer cooking vs cleaning, prefer cat vs dog, last digit of mobile phone number, or street number (odd vs even), good news or bad news first. Multiple teams: dates (birth month, [seasonal cluster] day of moth), position in family (youngest, middle, oldest), number of members in familiy, favorite holiday destination (pick list or open), favorite day of week.
    • 3. Picking a partner: "Pick a partner" = "Find someone you like, or want to get to know." = "Avoid someone you don't know." Crossing arms (left over right). 
    • Come To My Party - Hilariously Fun Lateral-Thinking Exercise: (Green Glass Door, Aunt Sally Likes Coffee But She Doesn't Like Tea)
  • Brian Lews: Cooperative Games - Physical Education: "Have you ever" is like "I've Got Mail"
  • Tom Heck: Example of "Helium Hoop" but using roll of duct tape instead of a hoop:
  • Focusing Fun for ADHD - Games to Help Kids Practice Focus: (Name game with emphasis on focus)
  • Game for Active Kids - Pegs:
  • Treat Everyone Like a CEO: A Leadership Strategy and Networking Exercise: Variation on "Who Am I" game, but uses cards from deck instead of names of notable people. 
  • Mine Field or Land Mines: Girl Scout (leaders) playing "Invisible Maze". Was not set up with clear, concise guidelines.
  • Minute To Win It Gamers Party games for Teams & Groups (of young, very active adults)
    • 16 Party Game Ideas For Teams & Groups (Minute to Win It): "Stack attack" game. Notice in last session where player used a unique and efficient approach to collecting cups; diagonally outward with each hand. Notice also how a "best practice" developed for building the pyramid; laying down cups in lines from left to right, then right to left, then left to right, ...
    • Upturned chair, rubber band across legs, shooting paper strips onto table on far side of room. Each member of team must get a strip on the table.
    • Disco balls; Pick up ping pong ball from bucket with CD, transfer to top of bottle. Turn is over when ball is either on the bottle, or falls off.  First team to put balls on tops of 3 bottles wins.
    • Knee Trembler  Teams have one minute to transfer oranges to goal touching the oranges only with knees.  Turn is over when orange touches the floor.