Audio recordings



  • To enable access to audio recordings of the "flipped classroom" training described on the NCAC website.
  • Every participant should know what was discussed, what happened when they were unable to be present.
  • To enable access to other reference material (may move to other page, or rename this one).


  • To have no more than one topic per recording; may have multiple recordings per topic.
  • To support playback by any audio device that can access the Internet.
  • To support download by any device that can download binary files from the Internet.


  • This page is evolving. Check back frequently.
  • I want to know what we should try to make this better.
  • I also want to know what you have done with this information, and how you can apply it.


Session recordings:

2018-04-17 (Tuesday) session:

  • Sorry. Didn't hit the right buttons. No files yet. Need to regenerate

2018-04-19 (Thursday) session:

2018-04-24 (Tuesday) session:

2018-04-26 (Thursday)

2018-05-01 (Tuesday)

2018-05-03 (Thursday) [pages refer to the Belay On! manual]

2018-05-08 (Tuesday)

  • References
    • Tuckmans Team Development Model (.pdf) (see link below)
      • Addresses two of the toughest questions facilitators face; "What stage is the team in?" and "What can be done to get the team to the next stage?"
      • Best description of model I've found, even though it's missing the last stage (adjourning / re-forming).
      • Contains reasons for each stage (tasks), characteristics of each stage (behaviors), and what can be done to help transition to the next higher stage.
      • This is the "red pill" (from the movie "The Matrix").
        • When you understand what it says and can use it, your life will change.
        • You can choose not to use it, and continue through life wondering if you could have done something to help your group become a successful team.
  • Recordings

2018-05-10 (Thursday)

2018-05-15 (Tuesday)

2018-05-17 (Thursday)

Change Log

  • 2018-04-22 (morning): Page created with unedited files.
  • 2018-04-22 (evening): Audio files edited to remove verbal pauses (took HOURS! Tough, especially after spending hours at Camp Snyder using my chainsaw, axe, splitting maul, steel wedges and sledge hammer turning downed trees into benches and firewood).
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  • 2018-06-18 (evening): Uploaded 4"x6" cards diagramming set up of high elements. The recommended rope should be in the same-numbered bucket. Draft. Needs work. Too much whitespace.