• 20130219: Howie sends me more gold; lesson plans / modules for the COPE & Climbing Program Manager Course. He didn't provide the PowerPoints or supporting documents, but those are why the program is only offered at NCS. Must find out when...
  • 20130218: I've sent Howie the syllabus I'd like to use for our Spring training. He sends me the Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation COPE Instructor Level I Training Syllabus. I've got a LOT to learn! Looks like MASR (Patriots' Path Council) has a lot to share. He also sent me the syllabus for his Personal Challenge I Course that I teaches/facilitates for the County College of Morris at the MASR.
  • 20130212: Howie Liebmann calls me at home, to answer questions about the new COPE/Climbing standards. Basically, BSA is moving out to make COPE and Climbing/Rappelling safer and better organized BEFORE local laws kill the fun. The following day, Howie sent me his latest copies of COPE material; a Zip archive with 33 files. I'll find a way to load it to this site to share with you.
  • Giant Texas Lizard Egg: One of our staff attended a team-building activity on 2012-11-18 and observed a variation of the challenge. Click here for the photos. Click on the thumbnails for larger image.
  • Found a file of games with analysis. File attached in downloadable form. Click here to download.
  • I've modified Howie's list of games. Uploaded to this site. Click here to download.
  • I've also made some modifications to Howie's list of reflective questions and added comments to his "Facilitator's Tips" based on observations on our course. Click here to download.