Facilities Operations


20160813: The COPE Director for the Goshen COPE program, Abby Williams, called on 5 Aug to report a staff member had backed a Jeep Cherokee into one of the guys for the Giant's Swing. She took time on 6 Aug during tear-down to take some pictures. On 13 Aug, while supporting the Goshen@50 planning committee, I took more pictures. I've uploaded Abby's and mine to http://www.magi-inc.com/Events/20160813-Goshen_at_50-Giant_Swing/. Please send me a note if you notice anything I may have overlooked. If you have high resolution pictures of that end of the element prior to 5 Aug, PLEASE contact me. I would love to see them. We might be able to work out a compensation for your time. Thanks in advance.

20160321: Climbing Tower and Course at Goshen has been inspected. Lots of work is needed on the tower. See pictures at http://www.magi-inc.com/Events/20160321-Goshen_Inspection. Need to scrub flat surfaces (top platform of tower, climbing wall, zip line platform), let dry, then cover with wood sealer. Since L.E.A.P. were not installed (miscommunication with the GSR Director so budget does not support installing), big question is how staff will perform maintenance. Since staff removed all the trolleys, only the Flying Squirrel can be operated as is. The Giant Swing will need a pull cord threaded through the pulley.

20160317: Camp Snyder COPE course was inspected. Inspector from InnerQuest failed the Mohawk Walk because it was modified so staff could disable the element. InnerQuest inspector is not authorized to allow variances, nor suggest how the element COULD be made safe. He agreed that ankle-high galvanized cables under tension can take skin off shins of people tripping over them, but differed to the owner of InnerQuest who, apparently, had told the inspector to fail the element unless it was put back into the original, unsafe design.

20150411: The latest inspection failed the Flying Squirrel for the eastern-most pole being out of vertical, for a rusted cable, and for rusted and pitted links to the pulley. Their recommendation including replacing the cable (okay), replacing the links (okay) and adding a pair of anchoring cables and relocating the existing anchors. Expensive, and may not be feasible considering the eastern anchor is already close to the access road. I took pictures of the element in order to support a competitive recommendation. The photos are posted at: 20150411-Snyder_Pictures. 20150329: At the request of the Continuous Camp Improvement Plan (CCIP) / National Camp Assessment Plan (NCAP) team, I took pictures of the Camp Snyder COPE facilities. Those pictures are at 20150329-NCS_Review_Snyder. If you have a comment, concern, or question about a photo please use the row/column number. For example, the photo in the upper left is at A-1 (column A, row 1). Thanks. 20150317: Annual technical inspection of the COPE course at Camp Post, Goshen Scout Reservation. Those pictures are at 20150317-Inspect_Goshen. If you have a comment, concern, or question about a photo please use the row/column number. For example, the photo in the upper left is at A-1 (column A, row 1). I promise to get around to adding captions. The pictures without a thumbnail are videos (in .MOV format). I plan to covert them to something acceptable to non-Macintosh users...eventually. Volunteers are welcome. Adrienne, the video I promised you is at B-11 (IMG_5291.MOV). Goshen rope logs are at 20150409-Goshen_Rope_Logs