If I only have a few seconds to explain, I'd say Project C.O.P.E. deals with team building, developing life skills (particularly visioning and communicating); Climbing deals with technical material. They are complimentary programs with different scope. For example, both programs deal with risk management related to climbing (environment, gear, and activity). As of Fall 2013, the NCAC does not have an active climbing program, but we're trying to build one. We need trained and certified adults, training and reference material, gear, climbing locations, and guides specific to the NCAC council. The pages under "Personnel" deal with training and certification. The subsequent pages in this book address the other needs. By the way, the climbing program for Goshen is off to a great start. Spent a fun day with James M., newest Climbing Director for NCAC (to be certified the weekend of 26 Apr) and the newest climbing merit badge consultant for NCAC, Noah M. Pictures are at