2011-06-27-Elevator Pitch


Camp Hollywood at Snyder is coming. Are you tough enough?
For the first time in memory, Colonial District is sponsoring a C.O.P.E. Camporee: A high-and low-ropes course that offers high-adventure for older Scouts 30 feet off the ground, as well a challenging low course for younger guys who are ready for C.O.P.E.’s team-building and leadership training but not quite prepared for the mental and physical challenges of climbing harnesses. http://bit.ly/lEnFOh. Is it scary? Sometimes. Safe? Of course! Fun? ABSOLUTELY On Oct. 14-16, Scouts will:

  • Swing through the air like Spiderman,
  • Fly like Thor,
  • Climb swinging bars with James Bond,
  • Walk tightropes like the Prince of Persia,
  • Crawl through a spiderweb with help from Hagrid,
  • Cross a swinging log like Indiana Jones
  • Pull the One Ring from Sauron’s finger
  • Match wits with Charlie Chaplin

AND MORE! Collect booty as your brave band clears the challenges. Earn more by impressing your wilderness guides from Troop 301. But watch out! Pirates of the Caribbean, the Joker, and other evil-doers will steal your booty if you have no Scout Spirit to offer. And when that’s done, take Troop 993's Special Effects build-off! String a monkey bridge over the River Kwai, cross a plank over a lake of lava, gaze into the depths of a Himalayan pass – you pick the challenge. But know this: The engineers of Troop 993 will mark your every move. Brush up on your pioneering skills or YOU may pay the price! Better sign up know because spaces will fill up fast! And if you are older Scouts (at least 13) and want to help as Staff, contact Troop 131. They might be able to use you (if you have what it takes to get trained). Contact Scoutmaster Will Rodger: wrodger@pobox.com The C.O.P.E. program is integral to Scouting’s focus on leadership and high adventure. This will be a TRULY special Camporee and a COUNCIL LEADING EVENT. DO NOT MISS IT!