Goal #5: Implement Kodiak (Diversity)


Description: Implement Kodiak course as part of unit program Course will involve male and female youth and adults. Diversity aspect: involves both genders, youth and adults. The Team That Will Benefit From My Leadership: Crew 1501 and parents, District Venture units, Council Venture units SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely): Kodiak requirements (i.e., 5 training lessons, “commissions” in advanced leadership) are completed by end of Crew 1501 trek to BSA Out Island (July 2010). The lessons will be led by adult co-leaders and the Crew president (youth) who I will train in June 2010. Goal will include a trek journal that describes pre-trek training, execution of the training during the trek, and after action report (Start, Stop, Continue reflection). Journal will be available for future Crew 1501 Kodiak training and for Venture leaders in NCAC to use for their programs. Who: NCAC offers the Kodiak Course Director Conferences. A member of our crew with this training will act as trek director and team instructor. The Crew President and female co-leaders will present the lessons to the attendees of the trek to Out Island (i.e., members of Crew 1501). What: Materials for the course will be acquired prior to departure (specifically, forms, handouts, and tokens) as part of the training I’ll provide. The journal shall describe the preparation, execution, and lessons learned. Instructor team training will be held in June 2010. Where: Instructor team training will be done at Crew meeting sites in Springfield, VA. Kodiak training will occur during the trek to BSA Out Island. When: 28 June – 11 July 2010 How: Adult leaders will acquire all required materials. I will introduce the objectives and general methods of Kodiak to the trek attendees and mentor adult leaders and Crew President in leading the training. The Kodiak syllabus will be followed; each day begins with a reflection of the previous day’s lesson. At a mid-day break, the new material is presented. In the evening, the team will reflect on the day’s lesson. [NB/ the 2006 version is available on-line at http://www.kodiak-bsa.org/syllabus/KodiakSyllabus07b.pdf] Why: Kodiak training prepares youth to be a “servant leader” in the Venturing program and in their communities. This training is the youth equivalent of Wood Badge; the highest training available at the unit level and emphasizes and demonstrates the value of diversity; it teaches how a good leader “uses everyone’s skills and ideas to the fullest extent possible”. How Verified: The journal (of attendee roster, preparation activities, execution of training, and post-trek reflection) will be available to the District and Council High Adventure committees.