From a Scouter from Troop 683 in NCAC regarding upcoming plan to attend Philmont in 2011: The 2011 Expedition Fee itself is $725.00 per person and the payment due dates were / are. $100.00 due February 2010 $312.50 due to the troop September 15th, 2010 (due to the ranch October 1st. 2010) $312.50 due to the troop February 15th (due to the ranch March 1st. 2011) We'll work with those interested on a payment plan to catch up. Checks are made out to "Troop 683". The total cost is estimated as slightly more than $1,600.00. The estimated fee includes my best guess on transportation. I did a cursory cost estimate based on an arrival of 6 July so to spend a few days gallivanting around Colorado Springs taking in the sights. Seriously though, the extra days are a near necessity so to begin adjusting to the considerable altitude change (Capital Hill in Washington, DC, is 80 feet above sea level; base camp at Philmont is over 8,000 feet!). The cost estimate below includes T-shirts, a 15 passenger van, and a brief stay in the cabins at the Colorado Springs, KOA. $ 406.00 - Round trip airfare (non-stop Dulles to Colorado Springs) (per person) $1632.00 - Rental for a 15 Passenger van (shared cost) $ 5.00 - Garden of the Gods Visitors Center Movie (per person) $ 35.00 - Pikes Peak Cog Railway (per person) $ 25.00 - Cave of the Winds (Lantern Tour) (per person) $ 12.50 - Indian Cliff Dwellings (Manitou Springs, Colorado) (per person) $ 100.00 - Colorado Springs. KOA, 8 Person youth lodge (per day, 6-8 July 2011) (shared cost) $ 125.00 - Colorado Springs. KOA, 8 Person adult lodge (per day, 6-8 July 2011) (shared cost) $ 250.00 - Gas (shared cost) $ 108.11 - Philmont Food (shared cost -- sunk) $ 55.00 - Two (2) Customized Cool Max Crew T-shirts (per person) $ 125.00 - Food and incidentals (per person) Breaking this all down, I get $885.59 per person (based on twelve going). There will be three work up hikes. 1-3 April 2011 (will include 7 hours of trail work on Sunday) 13-15 May 2011 10-12 June 2011 As Philmont is a bit more arduous then Lenhok'sin all three hikes are mandatory. If considering this opportunity, please plan your personal calendars now. Aside from being on your death bed, there are no excused absences (okay, maybe not, but you get the idea). Once we've filled out the Crew, the Crew President will divide it into groups of three and each group will be assigned an adult advisor. It will be the responsibility of each group to completely route plan one of these three treks. The advisor will assist with planning, the permission slip, tour permit, and state / national permit (if required), but the responsibility for planning the hike will rest with each group of three.