"Scoutish" Games


Also known as "Celtic games", "Highland games", "Scottish games", these are touted as fetes of strength, agility, (only a little stamina), get down/dirty, not much thinking required, and fun. I asked for help in the Spring of 2012. Here's the history...

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The subject line about says it all. I'm looking for "lessons learned" that could make our Fall camporee a bit hit. My ideal camporee has everyone doing something; no such thing as an all-day spectator. I've got this vision of drowsy Scouts waking early Saturday morning as bagpipe music blows away the mists (one of my favorite things about the Hike-O-Rees run by Coop Wright), followed by a day's events where everyone is doing something fun. Thanks in advance.


  • Years ago my Troop made two giant slingshot ball launchers out of 3/4 EMT tubing and shock cord. We set them up on opposite ends of a volleyball court and the kids played a form of dodgeball with them, Troop against Troop. We used those soft red rubber playground balls so that no one got hurt. It took three kids to launch a ball, two standing on the base of the ball launcher and one pulling the slingshot back to launch the ball. This was in the context of Roman Chariot Racing, but might be a useful game. It was one of the biggest hits in years at our District Camporees. Joe Garrett
  • Caber Toss. We do it at survivor campouts. Adults love it too. -- Jim Brisson - Scoutmaster Troop 513
    pvc pipe works good Leader O Da Pack
  • I started to describe some games we've done and thought, "Surely there is something on the internet with Celtic games." Of course there is. Check out this link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_games Randy
  • Having just returned from a Marlinspike skills weekend, might I suggest a decorative knot class? Something like a turk's Head mat or an Ocean plait...give them something to take home. (When I think of Celtic, I think of fancy knots.) Good Luck! Natasha K CC Crew 2634, Hoosier Hills District, Hoosier Trails Council
  • Here is our "To do List". At the end it shows the events that we had at the camporee. [See uploaded file.] Traci Raber Pawnee Senior District Executive Overland Trails Council, BSA