Future Events


Scheduled events in 2013

[Update 2017-01-28] The line, SignUpGenius for the current schedule., is no longer valid. After almost 4 years, not surprising...]


15-17: COPE Instructor Training. Need staff, at least 7 facilitators (18 yoa and older). Crew 27, Bethesda, MD area, plans to attend in order to facilitate a session with GSCNC 33-7 on 2013-04-19 to 21. I have at least two youth who are planning to attend.


19-21: From the coordinator, Peter Mapes: “We anticipate approximately 120 girls aged 6-13 to participate in four 90 minute COPE low rope experiences during the day on the 20th. Something like 9 to 10:30; 10:30 to 12; 2 to 3:30 and 3:30 to 5 on Saturday. On Sunday the 21st, ~30 girls aged 14+ would participate for the day for the full course.” I will talk to Peter about his expectations. This sounds like 4 sessions of “Taste of COPE”; ice breaker, initiative game, and one element. Regardless, this schedule will require a LOT of staff, even with Peter Mapes’ Crew working as staff. And we need at least two directors; unfortunately, I’ve got a commitment to support Colonial District’s Camporee.


04: NCAC Venture Crew would like to arrange for full COPE for the day for 34 attendees. May need at least 5 facilitator/instructors. Denise Vowell is organizing. 18: Troop 1853 (Old Dominion District) asking for full day of COPE.


<TBD>: Inspection of Goshen Scout Reservation COPE course by the BSA Visitor. <TBD>: Support Staff Week at Goshen Scout Reservation COPE course. I'm not implying being the "students from heck", but this opportunity would be a good time to challenge the staff.

Not yet scheduled:

  • Jim Lee, Asst Scoutmaster for a National Jamboree NCAC (contingent) Troop #6. Needs COPE program focused on Forming, Storming, and Norming needs of the Patrols/Troop. Haven’t heard about size of troop. I expect he'll need a weekend in May.
  • At least one Committee member suggested having the COPE/Climbing Committee attend a challenge course at a local site. Does anyone have a recommendation or preference? Should we try to check out more than one?
    • The EDGE. Run by George Mason Univeristy. Main feature is hosting of corporate groups. Contact is our friend, Dan Nellis.
    • Hemlock Overlook. Need information. Very popular with some local elementary schools. Does anyone on the Committee have a relationship with the directory or a staff member?
    • Camp Highroads. Perhaps the greatest "competition" for Camp WB Snyder (at least in Colonial District); local troops have several years of successful events at Camp Highroads. The program director, Adam Davis, is very flexible, easy to work with. Demand for challenge course made it possible for them to install a 2nd high ropes course (the original course uses trees). The new zip line crosses a ravine. Like the original course, the high elements are cluster in a relatively small footprint making it easy to manage with a modest staff.
    • Verdun Adventure BoundA 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The ropes and challenge course is (I believe) run by our friend and certified COPE director, Ed Bradley.
  • Inspect Goshen Scout Reservation COPE course in prepartion of BSA Visitor.
  • Host COPE session at CWBS for Goshen COPE course staff.
  • Host Fall 2013 COPE Instructor Training. Did August work for everyone? Or would September be better?
  • COPE for Powderhorn? Checking with the faculty to see when, how, etc.