Steel buildings


[Circa Spring 2016] Concrete foundation, steel frame, skin with ... something cool.

Some ideas are at

One of the sports complex projects was an indoor soccer field in Iowa. After construction, they discovered heating and cooling problems. Solution: metal building insulation.

Perhaps have no windows, lighting from skylights. Padding the walls and ceiling might reduce noise.

One of the nice things about outdoors is the absence of echoed noise. I wonder what insulation would be needed to achieve something close.

I've created a crude 3D model using SketchUp. Click here for a copy.

It's 30'wx40l'x33'h, running parallel to the main parking lot of Camp WB Snyder (6100 Antioch Rd, Haymarket, VA).

Video tour of challenge course and climbing program model.

That model solves needs for storing the mobile climbing tower.
But it fails to address the need for a facility that serves the needs of the community, Scouting and non-Scouting.


  • Secure, humidty/temperature moderated storage of Climbing/Rappelling and COPE resources
  • Space for adults and youth, male and female, to meet and participate in the programs
    • Spaces to sit, access reference information, take notes, share information visually and verbally
    • Facilities for hydration
    • Sanitation facilities
    • Electricity
    • Climbing resources
    • Challenge course resources (nice to have to compliment high elements)

Here's another model but with interior meeting rooms.
Click here to download a copy you can edit with SketchUp.
Click here for a video tour (.mp4 format).

The section for "attachments" (below) has links to both SketchUp-format (.skp) models.
Download either model or both and let me know what you think, please.

Meeting space:
The response to multiple floors is always "There goes the budget!"
Which caused me to wonder about Conex shipping containers.
I found a buyer's guide on 360MobileOffice:
Perhaps a viable, temporary option is to rent two, and stack them.
Standard lengths are 20' and 40' (we'd want the 20')
8' 6" (102") high x 8' (96") wide. Not as wide as in the model, but they could work.
The site mentions an "extra-wide" version of 10' (120") which is closer to the 12' in the model.


  • The existing power coming into Camp Snyder is insufficient to support needs when the camp is running near capacity.
  • My son suggests considering turbines like those from
    • Looks like an air-raid siren, but designed to funnel low to high velocity winds through turbines in a venturi.
    • Many nice features, especially since no moving parts are easily accessed (no killing of flying birds, bats, etc.).
    • The "elephant in the room" question regards objectivity. Will this system work as promised, or fail for the same reason as previous attempts. Need to monitor the deployment in the Netherlands.

Hydration / Sanitation:

  • To keep costs reasonable and facilitate getting building permits, need to locate the complex relatively close to existing sewage system and water source.


  • Need to site the complex as close as possible to a large parking space, as close as possible to a controlled entrance (reduce/eliminate need to provide directions).
  • Must be visible to casual traffic (self-advertising)

To Do:

  • Re-do models using SweetHome3D (, an alternative to SketchUp not owned by Google. Recommended by James Miller, Chairman of the NCAC Climbing/Rappelling Committee, and Scoutmaster of Troop 1076.
    • Looks easier to get started, but have not yet found an option that enables looking through sides, tops and bottoms; need to "peal" away the exterior.
  • Add page discussing possibility of acquiring a climbing wall, currently [2017-01-28] for sale to someone capable of housing a 30'+ tall massive steel-frame structure.
    • Tower was 3-sided, free-standing in a warehouse/gym. Had a sibling; a flat wall. The flat wall was purchased by the owner of the gym. The free-standing tower was removed. Five years ago.