The Committee is responsible for multiple programs. Being developed first, are the Project C.O.P.E. programs; specifically, C.O.P.E. at Camp WB Snyder, and C.O.P.E. at Goshen Scout Reservation. C.O.P.E. at Camp WB Snyder is designed for short duration courses delivered throughout the year (at least during Spring and Fall). This program includes staff training for Instructor Level 1 (18 and older) and FiT (facilitator-in-training; 16 or older but under 18, or registered Venturer). By Spring 2014, we hope to have a training program for Level 2 Instructors (aka "Directors") accredited by National. C.O.P.E. at Goshen Scout Reservation is designed for long duration courses delivered during the Scout camp season (summer; June-August). The following pages describe syllabi for the two program venues.