2012-07-07_Camp Snyder Workdays


Took two mornings (Saturday and Sunday) due to temperatures of over 100 degrees Farenheit, little to no breeze, and no shade.
1. Whale Watch: Replaced two warped 2"x12"x8' boards. Cut one board in half lengthwise and used to shim the 6"x6" notched beam. Screwed two 2"x4"x12' boards lengthwise to edges of the boards to reduce likelihood of warping. Used 3" high-performance Grip-Right galvanized deck screws. [Whale Watch platform had been pulled from notches and a 4"x4"x5' beam placed between the platform and the notched beam. This increased the amount of rocking motion possible before touching, but also made the element unsafe since the platform could pivot.]
2. Zip Line: Sprayed deck with deck cleaner.
3. Up-And-Over: Filled insect damage and large cracks with clear silicon caulk.
4. Trailer: Sprayed wasp nest (inside rim of northern wheel) with Spectracide. [Borrowed can from Josh Clements, the camp ranger. Did not store can in the trailer since we do not have binder for MSDS.]
To do:
1. Finish the required documentation (e.g., set up / take down of elements, MSDS).
2. Collect file from camp office and add blank forms.
3. Develop training and preparation plan that supports Instructor Training syllabus/plan.
4. Solicit support for Instructor Training session (recall ratios of students to staff). With Director and one other trained person, can support 24 students on low elements / 12 students on high elements.
5. Get announcement posted on NCAC website.
6. Get pre-announcement to individuals and groups interested in attending as students.