2012-05-15_Report to NCAC Camping Committee


COPE / Climbing Committee Status

Report to NCAC Camping Committee, 2012-05-15

  1. BLUF
    • COPE/Climbing Program on track for Fall 2012
    • Goshen appears go to go for summer.
    • Most elements ready to use
  1. Aligning Program to NCAC Strategic Plan
    • Maintain facilities in optimum condition.
      • Establish team to continually maintain COPE course
      • All elements in use, high and low
    • Facilities that exceed expectations and requirements
      • Bring existing elements to optimal condition (Whale Watch, Mohawk Walk)
      • Sunset elements that cannot be supported (e.g., Zip line)
      • Relocate elements to achieve efficiency (long term)
      • Continually monitor success models of other offerers, adopt components that apply
    • Income generating programs
      • Units want COPE/Climbing with competent and trained staff, organized activities, available facilities with challenging elements.
      • Competition comes from Camp Highroad and George Mason (COPE), Del-Mar-Va (Climbing), supporting Scout units and non-Scouting
    • Engage more volunteers
      • Create "pipeline" for creating climbing and COPE instructors and volunteers
      • Develop cadre of volunteers to provide touch-labor to COPE course
      • Maintain pool of competent, enthusiastic, motivated instructors capable of providing climbing program and COPE to units
      • Continue reach-back to Scouting alumni (reuse success and avoid stepping twice on the same land mine
    • Develop quality programs
      • Goal: Units Council-wide include COPE and Climbing programs in their annual plans; Council has capacity to meet the demand.
  1. Status
  • June 2-8: 2 to NCS for COPE Director + 1 for recertification
  • June 17/24: work days at CWBS
  • August 24-26: COPE Instructor class
  • COPE for units at CWBS offered throughout season ; Sep, Oct, Nov & Mar, Apr, May
  • Support for Goshen summer camp programs appears sufficient
  • CWBS staff are well positioned to manage scheduling
  1. Challenges
  • COPE course needs continual touch labor. Goshen needs being defined.
  • Budget for COPE program is not defined
  • Climbing program not defined (working)
  • Must formally charter/define COPE/Climbing committee
  • Deconflict use of CWBS course with other programs (e.g, shooting sports)
  1. Need help with:
  • Need input from units on expectations of COPE/Climbing program
  • Need all Districts to have advocates for COPE / Climbing programs
  • Sh/Could Fall/Spring COPE/Climbing program at Goshen be pursued?