Amherst Avenue Veterans Bridge Walk


Identifier: 20050830-Amherst Avenue Veterans Bridge Walk
Purpose of outing: Community Service
Advancements: All participating Scouts received 1 service hour
Mode of travel: Car
Planning horizon: Days
Capacity: 27 youth, 30 adults
Fees: None
Distance: 5 mi
Location: Amherst Avenue Veterans Bridge, Springfield, VA
Contact: Troop 1501
Dates: 2005-08-30 (annual event)
Description: Residents of Springfield gathered for the 4th Annual walk over the Veterans Bridge to celebrate the town’s veterans and Springfield in general. Troop 1501 Scouts, their families, and other residents assembled in the Kinko’s parking lot on the north side of the bridge. Various businesses and non-profit groups distributed a variety of items in celebration and commemoration of the bridge; items included pencils, key chains, golf tees, and wrist bands. Then at about 7:30 a Veteran color guard led the group on a short, casual walk across the bridge to the American Legion Post. Inside the Post, a variety of speakers provided a short tribute to the veterans and the town – most only spoke for a couple of minutes. Many called for increased support to the community through volunteer groups. The Scouts were recognized for their participation. After the gathering and raffle, the participants partook in the festivities. Baja Fresh provided tortilla chips and burritos, Paradise Ice Cream provided large cups and cones of ice cream, Kings Park Concert Band provided music, the Virginia Community College Medical Campus provided hundreds of teddy bears and toothbrushes. Free Deet spray bottles and mosquito information was provided by Fairfax County Health Department. Flashlights and light-up yoyos were handed out, too. It was a very positive and unexpected highlight to the Bridge Walk. Troop 1501 was initially expecting to provide an escort to Miss Springfield, but another more somber event – the funeral of Eagle Scout Derek Richardson required a change in plans. Miss Springfield was still there and the Scouts had an opportunity to meet her. This was the 4th time Troop 1501 has participated in the walk.
Assessment: 1. The event was awesome – in many ways a great kept secret. Definitely recommend we participate annually. 2. The recognition of our Veterans and their presentation of Colors was very stylishly done.