Ministry Sunday


Identifier: Scouting Sunday
Purpose of outing: Service, Recruitment, Community Awareness
Mode of travel: N/A
Planning horizon: 6 months (snych with chartering organization)
Capacity: 6 youth, 2 adults
Fees: None
Distance: 0 mi
Location: Chartering organization
Contact: Troop 1501
Dates: 20051023
Description: 'Ministry Sunday' is where all the ministries of Messiah United Methodist Church are showcased. It enables parishioners to identify with the various organizations within the church that are available for their participation. It was important for us to be represented for two reasons:
(1) the church is our sponsoring organization and provides us with a place to meet, lockers for our gear, store room for our supplies, and a signed Charter which enables us to operate as a recognized BSA unit; and
(2) we need to let the parishioners know that we are one of their youth organizations and would provide a great avenue for their sons.
We set up the table with some information Saturday afternoon at 4 pm (the church’s POC at that time was Ernie W.). The following morning we covered two shifts: -9-9:45 am (covers end of 8:15 service and beginning of 9:30) -10:30-11:30 am (covers end of 9:30 and beginning of 11:00 services The following Scouts and leaders helped man the table:

Josh H. James B. Sean M. David B. David W. Steven W.


Cathy H. Debra B. Fred W.

Assessment: Should make this an annual event. Resulted in increased awareness of Troop.