Barns have:

  • Spacious interiors
  • High centers
  • Multi-angled roof
  • Drafts (difficult to insulate)

Octagonal barn: 

[Imagine the walls with handholds, the upper levels with static belay challenges]

Bank Barns:

  • Built into hillside; entrance to upper side at top floor, lower entrance accesses ground floor.
  • Potentially very high interiors with exterior perceived as modest height
  • Multiple levels possible and still enabling high floor to roof
  • Needs section of topology to be relatively steep (e.g., steep hillside)
    • Retaining wall
    • Engineering to keep water off the wall and floors and to divert any other water around the structure
    • Construction costs typically considerably more than the costs for a self standing building
  • 12" masonry walls on a free-standing structure will give most of the same thermal benefits as a 'bank' barn but without the drainage issues and expense.