Check of climbing wall for sale


James Miller, NCAC Climbing/Rappelling Committee Chairman, found a climbing wall for sale on CraigsList.

  • tower was in pieces in Downingtown, PA. At least a 3 hour one-way drive!
  • the current owner was recovering from surgery so mobility was an issue.
  • parts of the tower were secured in storage so we would need to make arrangements to see the pieces.

Fortunately, James Gandy, Climbing/Rappelling & COPE director, was enroute and detoured to meet with the owner from 0900-1200 hrs on 28 Jan 2017.

Pictures and documents from that visit are at:

Chuck shared an explanation of each image the next week when we met to transfer the images.
I should have captured the discussion at the time so the captions would be meaningful.
If you have a question, please refer to column letter (A-C) and row number.

This wall may be a factor to consider in the future of the NCAC climbing complex.